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  • The LS2 Pioneer - a replacement approach to the total face journey motorbike helmet class, the Pioneer leans heavily on LS2's Rally expertise and offers the rider everything they have for serious journey riding, except for loads LESS money. The shell is constructed mistreatment LS2's proprietary Kinetic compound Alloy (KPA). Go here to watch this amazing video and have fun. This high-tech material is powerful, Very light and has simply a small amount of flexibility to assist absorb energy. we tend to use three shell sizes for an excellent fitting helmet that's as little and light-weight as doable.

    When that comes within the mail i will be able to update with the results. I spent regarding a pair of hours within the helmet nowadays and then so much this is often far and away the simplest full face helmet I actually have ever closely-held and that i would advocate to anyone. It has a ratchet vogue clasp that works terribly swimmingly. i used to be a bit disturbed regarding it not having any toggle to the vents however this being Michigan I need to take a look at the helmet at nearly eighty degrees on my thanks to work and forty seven degrees on my manner home. Helmet comes with a pleasant storage bag. i used to be a bit disturbed regarding the work because of reviews I had browse however I found the scale chart to be quite correct.

    Plenty of area for headphones and that i would bet there would be enough area for a bluetooth kit. Aviator shades operation is easy and that they cowl comparable quantity of vision while not obstruction. facet note - Helmet bag it comes with is extremely attractive and nice colour/material. Docked one star as a result of its is suposed to be designed to be used with RX glasses, it will work however American state my god they barely fits in there. to not the purpose of discomfort however it takes further work to induce them on your face.

    I took it on AN cross-country trip and it worked dead. The visor is awing for interference sun. The shade works sort of a charm. The clear visor snaps shut with a pleasant CLUNK. Overall, i am extraordinarily happy with the standard. A nice bit is that the twin visors. the skin visor is evident. Even hotter than my Bell full face with the vents closed. The helmet doesn't catch significantly wind even at ninety mph +. wonderful viewing angles through the visor. Pretty light-weight construction and also the twin visor setup is extremely convenient and straightforward to use whereas riding.

    The LS2 Pioneer Helmet

    Remember, a helmet ought to work comfortable, but it shouldn't build your head feel numb or as if there's painful pressure. Snug ought to feel zero play once moving your head around, you must desire there's a helmet on your head, and you must be ready to wear this helmet while not the helmet inflicting you fatigue, pain, or discomfort.

    Flow through ventilation keeps you cool once the riding gets robust. Designed at LS2 World HQ in Barcelona, Espana and designed at our own mill, the Pioneer offers everything you wish to make your own journey, whereas going some benefit your pocket. Meets or exceeds DOT and ECE twenty two.05 standards. Long oval work. The protect is fog resistant, scratch and ultraviolet radiation resistant, and optically correct. The Pioneer uses our Twin protect System integral sun protect to shade your eyes from the intense desert sun. I simply recieved my new helmet nowadays. quick shipping. fine prepacked.

    The vents work nice for the warmth. I hardly skint a sweat. It conjointly stayed astonishingly heat within the cold. In person, this helmet appearance mean (as in very good). strive it on and you are feeling this may shield your precious assets (full face coverage, chin, entire head). Make sure to order one size larger than traditional because the cheek pads ar so a small amount tight. however being my third helmet, this one is that the most comfy. Sizing is correct, I wear a half dozen 7/8 hat and a Mainedium fits me excellent. nice trying helmet and dirt cleansed right off with a wet towel. The face protect conjointly works nice with a bit Rain-X to stay any water off. Comfortable!

    ls2 pioneer adventure helmet

    The only draw back I may notice was the shortage of area for headphones or a Bluetooth comm device. Not an enormous deal on behalf of me however purchaser be ware, there's no area to feature something on your ears. Cant shut the air vents on the lower sides of the visor thus i may be strident if your not behind a windshield, not regrettable however price mentioning. No pounding or wind force on the pinnacle even with the twin sport visor. It does not cloud like one in all the reviewers I saw... however i take advantage of it in hot wet weather, not cold.

    It conjointly comes with a pleasant bag for storage. All for below $200? however did they are doing it?

    It has millions of house before of your face.

    The wide eye port accommodates most major brands of eyeglasses (goggles don't seem to be included). The Pioneer makes an excellent ADV or UTV helmet. A multi-density EPS safety liner permits for progressive energy absorption.

    There is a hidden within visor that you simply will pull down and after you do, instant sun shade. you are doing not got to wear dark glasses with this helmet that may be a vast bonus. Use this helmet for atv riding. It will an excellent job all around and is extremely comfy to wear for long periods of your time. little or no fogging on the visor, simply after I was stopped and a fast crack at the lowest took care of that. The emission is good however i'd guess it'd get a bit chilly if it absolutely was to cold out.

    Metal bolts for visor on sides, plastic on prime. prime quality helmet bag. Compatible with dark glasses because it has slots for them. EMS pull tabs. prime quality mouth vent. nice extent for a GoPro.

    Design is nice, size fits an equivalent as AFX helmets. Mechanical neck tie. Sun protect quality is appropriate for the value. Flaps within helmet for headphones. watch this The LS2 Pioneer Helmet video on youtube. The comfort artifact is roofed with a technical, breathable, hypoallergenic cloth. It's removable and wash-and-wear, thus you'll be able to keep it as recent as new.

    Cheek pads ar contour cut from prime quality foam mistreatment LS2's 3D optical device technology. After first ride( up to 60mph)... Still crazy comfy.

    Will update this when it place to some use. Ratchet strap is new Maine up to now i like it. I use this helmet offroad and extremely advocate it.

    LS2's fast unleash System strap makes obtaining it on and off a breeze, and, just in case of emergency, the cheek pads use our Emergency unleash System fast pull cheek pads. I apply these rules to all or any of my helmet purchases. (these rules ar from my years of helmet carrying expertise and not from one thing that I actually have browse or from the DOT). Initial review...Fits slim head dead, well mine anyways, one in all the foremost comfy helmets I actually have ever placed on. More difficult than id like. Front bottom fringe of face protect conjointly snaps to carry the seal (awesome feature).

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  • The Allston is that the solution to years of requests for one factor undue airy - notwithstanding fully urban charm in vogue and safety. Go here to watch this amazing video and have fun. options a genius flip visor to deflect hail and glare and sixteen thirsty vents to remain you from sweating on your due to your semi formal business meeting. There just about isn't any helmet out there that has this tons of vogue and ventilation.

    This doesn't hassle state tons of but i'd see it being a problem for others. Comfort wise i feel these square measure strong to beat and well positively well worth the coin

    If merely feels nice againts the skin. I notice that the bulk athletics helmets have a foamy liner that is fine but however plush.

    one amongst my co-workers (who is essentially vast into long distance touring) came in to work carrying the capital of European nation Allston that was it, I checked it out, had everything i accustomed be making an attempt to seek out except maybe a animal product liner. that may exclude any doubt for what size you'd like. Second, watch the worth. I've seen the helmet I needed vary by just about fifty usd.

    Bern Allston Helmet review

    i'm cutting a animal product liner to carry the helmet 2-3 mil. The chinstrap is easy to control and fits well. It's light-weight but feels solid. vented tolerably for these Phoenix summer rides.

    head (61 centimeters); yup, I've got an enormous caput, and up up to currently i couldn't ever notice a athletics helmet that match state well. I complete up buying the XXX-large, expecting it fully was on the point of be vast on state, but it barely fits. The brentwood and thus the replacement every show inconsistencies among the top, that square measure alone noticeable once terribly making an attempt them over.

    I've had mine for a couple of months presently and am smitten by it. First off, move to the capital of European nation internet site and live your coconut. I've been making an attempt to seek out a Non-Racing vogue helmet for for a short time presently and there merely wasn't anyone in our area that carried capital of European nation or the opposite Commuter kind of helmet. So yeah, I all advocate the Allston - as manner as i'm concerned there's no higher due to defend your thinking meat whereas on your bike.

    Bern Unlimited Allston Helmet

    Not alone that, but I've received quite a few compliments on the Allston, of us terribly seem to like the final look, significantly but low the profile is, and thus the flip-down visor gets lots of attention too. I did have an issue with the final word clear coat effervescent on this helmet. I sent it back which they gave state a prompt replacement. I merely have to be compelled to ride.

    He had worn it on a visit from FL to kaliph. Associate in Nursingd back along side his sons and thus the helmets took all the penalty an extended distance tour (about 5,000 miles spherical trip) would possibly dish out and looked fantastic, actually he had to urge a novel liner, but still nice condition for the total miles. I decided to urge the Allston once reading through some reviews on-line, and once consulting the scale chart on Bern's internet site, went for the XXLarge/3X size.

    I commute everyday which i do workout rides 5 mornings hebdomadally, but haven't got any designs on athletics, don't pay attention of the lycra tights or athletics helmets.

    If you want a helmet with messed-up filler that makes you seem as if a ninja turtle, this helmet is for you. I even have a twenty four in. Like every various reviewer same, the filler is way untidy. They run terribly little.

    Use camelcamelcamel to help with value watch. The helmet fits around my head pretty good. the only real draw back is it fits state low. By that I mean it sits merely at the hair. It fits fully, and is honestly terribly cosy to wear.

    It wasn't very cosy which i forever felt as if I gave the look of a jerk whereas carrying it.

    My previous helmet was Associate in Nursing XL SixSixOne, and though it fully was their largest size it felt as if the helmet unweary on high of my head, as essential over it. watch this Bern Allston Helmet review video on youtube. i accustomed be on the point of order Associate in Nursing oversized / x-large, but all the reviews galvanized state to urge a much bigger size.

    Sizing issues aside, it's a fine helmet. I feel improbably head-protected. My lady says I seem as if a ninja turtle, and she's right. I found the match and air flow pretty good any. i feel there square measure possibly lighter and cooler helmets out there but I notice the flashier the bicycle or instrumentation, the less i like it.

    These helmets square measure nice. I even have this helmet and thus the capital of European nation brentwood. Feels weird and once the visor is down I even need to truly stretch to check ahead. specs square measure a demand.

    the tiny dial on the rear is at the loosest setting and it's sensible. It sits low on the rear of the neck to boot that's shaped barely worse once i want to stretch to look up. it fully was positively well worth the sixty usd but like I same, watch that value. These helmets have a nice plush microfiber liner that feels nice on your head. i would equate this sense to further of a motorcycle or scooter helmet.

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  • The DEWALT DCV581H 18/20v GHB* Cordless/Corded Wet-Dry Vacuum has the flexibility to supply conductor or twilled operation steam-powered by either associate 18v or 20v MAX battery or associate AC outlet. Go here to watch this amazing video and have fun. It options a HEPA rated wet/dry filter that traps mud with ninety nine.97% potency at one metric linear unit. The filter is definitely accessible, washable/reusable (use faucet or water rinse to clean).

    Then, before I had an opportunity to mention something he said: "So we're about to offer you a different vacuum; it'll be prepared this afternoon if you would like to return and choose it up." Wow! that is nice! 10 days later I did not have a vacation in my possession, thus I known as them. So he did and located that it had been so a three-year warrantee. He then took my vacation and same can|it'll} be a few week and that we will ship it back to you once it's mounted.

    I known as and that they same, well, we have a tendency to checked out it, and also the half you wish is back-ordered from the mill for many MONTHS! i assumed nice, that is nice. At first the guy at the counter tried in charge my battery even when I told him I tested it and it wasn't the battery inflicting it. Then, when a number of weeks it finally stopped running on the battery fully.

    I've closely-held this vacuum for a year and a [*fr1] currently, and i have used it perpetually over that point. This vacuum is absolutely not terribly powerful even compared to its competition like the metropolis 0880-20 18-Volt conductor Wet/Dry Vacuum, however that same, it's powerful enough for each job I've used it for. I got the "who told you that?" routine. Finally he same we'll check up on it tomorrow and adorned up. Later that day I got a voice mail, spoken communication please decision America concerning your vacuum.

    20-Volt MAX Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum

    The metropolis is unquestionably additional powerful, and that i knew that once I purchased this Dewalt as a result of I had used each, however the DeWalt is definitely sufficient . for the rationale why I did not provides it five stars: Recently it stopped functioning on the battery. It still worked on the twine, however it might not power informed the battery. I even have many DeWalt 20v batteries, thus i attempted others to make sure it wasn't simply the battery, and sure as shooting, it had been the vacuum.

    Still it's loads easier to modify for a 1 day job wherever i am in and out. With over two hundred reviews there is not a lot of else to supply, however I created some modifications to mine that created it a small amount additional helpful and self-addressed 2 of it's biggest cons. It is tiny, light-weight weight and extremely ergonomically designed permitting the hose and tools to be smartly integrated into the body while not protrusions. it's good for delivery to the duty web site once I simply have atiny low job to try to to. (You would assume a man operating in a very DeWalt Service Center would understand that???).

    They looked it up and same "yes, we'll most likely get an opportunity to appear at that in a very number of weeks". I said hey, the guy at the counter same i might have it back in ONE week. One reviewer same it will "suck a ball through a water hose", however i am here to inform you, that's obscurity getting ready to being true. The brush fits tight in there and solves another annoying issue concerning this vacation. The air outlet tends to blow things around, significantly for a right hander. Just as I visited screw in a very pipe strap to carry the comb to the vacation (a setup I did not extremely care for), I noticed the the outlet/blower hole.

    DEWALT Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum

    Next I took the tiny dusting brush that Amazon says is often purchased with the three extension wands. I needed to stay this tool with the vacation together with the enclosed nozzles. He smiled at Maine sheepishly and same, i assume it is not the battery. He conjointly tried to inform Maine that it had been solely a annual warrantee, that was conjointly wrong, thus I told him no, it's three years... Look it up if you do not believe Maine. All told i feel the mods price Maine around twenty greenbacks, and another simply a touch weight and height to the vacation, however extremely enhanced the vac's utility and convenience, a minimum of on behalf of me.

    It's very convenient for tiny jobs wherever you do not wish to tug out the massive look vacation. To mount the PVC, I used six 1/4" carriage bolts and washers on the pipe facet, with secured waterproofing washers (metal washers secured to thick rubber washers) and hex bolts within the canister.

    With the comb in there, it directs the air flow up and off from the fabric you are making an attempt to vacuum, and subtle the air stream likewise.

    As you'll see from the images it's concerning half the vacationuum pull as my attend job-site look vac. And 1/4 or but the, king of the look Festool extractor. This unit includes a industrial crush-resistant totally integrated 5' (by 1-1/4" diameter) hose that provides sturdiness, flexibility and easy use.

    This includes dry applications - that I've largely used it for - and wet applications. The smooth spherical finish of the carriage bolts within the pipe acts to lock within the wands a number of inches before the tip, and that they slide in and out simply however keep in firmly.

    I then mounted three sections of one.5" PVC pipe take away nine.5" sections on all-time low of the canister.This gave Maine an area to firmly store the three wands and strong the bottom a small amount, just in case it gets dragged around in rough ground enough to eventually wear through the canister.

    First, I got the 3 look vacation whole 14" extension wands, to increase the reach of the short hose and save Maine from bending over. watch this 20-Volt MAX Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum video on youtube. The on-board hose and accent storage makes the vacuum simple to hold and transport. conjointly comes with a crevice tool attachment and a good nozzle tool attachment. Battery and charger oversubscribed one by one. Let's be clear, this vacuum is concerning convenience not performance.

    Easily picks up light-weight stuff like drywall mud or wadding. however not enough power to run a floor sweep or obtain metal things like screws and nails simply. I cellular it against my different look vacuums with a gauge. So - I did not say a word and simply force a second battery out of my coat pocket, blocked it in and flipped the switch... nothing.

    This form of happened slowly - initially I noticed once running on the battery the motor would prevent and speed up whereas i used to be victimization it - sort of am fond of it was running out of battery power, however this may happen once the battery (a 3ah model) was totally charged. I've used it to get rid of water from a rest room tank for instance once substitution a rest room and some of different wet applications.

    For example if I even have to chop a hole in drywall i do not need to drag out the look vacation to scrub up the mess. it's comparatively simple to service too. The filter twists off and you'll faucet it against the ash-bin to scrub. As so much as performance this vacuum will OK at the best. I've scan some of different reviews with an equivalent issue - it seems the battery instrumentality goes unhealthy. One huge and for DeWalt is that this vacuum includes a 3-year warrantee, thus I took it to the DeWalt mill service center concerning fifteen miles from Maine.

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  • DEWALT DWFP55126 half-dozen Gal a hundred sixty five PSI battercake mechanical device options a high potency motor for simple start off in weather or electric cord application. Go here to watch this amazing video and have fun. It conjointly offers a a hundred sixty five soap PSI half-dozen.0 gallon tank (22.7 L) and 2.6 SCFM delivered at ninety PSI pump, that allows long tool run time with fast recovery.

    I believe woodwork uses the fashion like I actually have in my image, if so, you would possibly not need to modification them out like I did. This means to empty it, choose it up and tilt it, then open the valve. At one hundred sixty psi some the air bursts out with quite little bit of wetness for such atiny low tank. Drain valve is placed not within the center bottom wherever the water/condensation accumulates, however rather on the facet of the tank as regards to wherever your see the feet welded on.

    I wished the C sort employed in most automotive applications thus I had to get rid of the two fast connects from this mechanical device and alter them. As always, I check merchandise completely before adding any review to Amazon. One factor concerning this mechanical device is that it's not as loud as alternative compressors a similar size and kind, however it's still not quiet. Wear hearing protection. But, it's still comparatively quieter than alternative models.

    I nearly didn't purchase this item as a result of it value over the opposite (more popular) comparable offerings from Bostich and Porter Cable. looking back i'm glad I did. However when surfing the directions rigorously, I didn't see this demand. I referred to as Dewalt and was told that this was true for his or her older models however wasn't required for this model. He aforementioned simply begin victimization it as you would like to right out of the box. The 2 fast connects that square measure on this unit square measure like my image shows. i am undecided what the fashion is termed.

    DEWALT 6-Gallon Pancake Compressor

    I tested this mechanical device right out of the box. Since i used to be testing and required a brand new mechanical device hose, I used a brand new hose to fill tires with a gauged tire inflation tool. Plus, I tag my mechanical device before use.

    The problem gave the impression to be undersize ball bearings within the fitting, which permit an excessive amount of free play between the fittings, providing how for air to flee. This unit conjointly options two universal couplers to simply support 2 users, and a ball drain valve for fast & thorough tank exhausting. It's fairly loud however vast, will talk about it if you are not terribly near to the mechanical device. The regulator is variable and simple to regulate to the required setting.

    I paid additional for this mechanical device than the opposite brands however am terribly proud of it. I scan on many reviews of alternative battercake compressors that a possibility in procedure of running the motor with the drain open for quarter-hour was crucial for continued long run use. Motor cuts out at indicated tank pressure of a hundred forty five psi, however regulated output pressure are often augmented all the far to one hundred sixty psi. Manufacturer claims soap tank psi is a hundred sixty five. unsatisfying to mention the smallest amount. July 1 update- nowadays I noticed the tank gage is off by concerning fifteen psi.

    Heavy Duty 165 PSI Pancake Compressor

    The necessary elements square measure all alright created, however leaky fittings in associate degree compressor is borderline inexcusable from a corporation with this sort of name, likely attention to detail, and supposed product engineering focus. This DeWalt one is rated at seventy five however it's additional of a Harley Davidson exhaust sound instead of a high frequency race bike exhaust sound. I'm a lot of happier currently that I actually have a properly functioning unit, despite having to alter out the fittings... again.

    It is comparatively quiet, and works even as I had hoped it might. i'm a Dewalt fan and have several of their twenty and twelve potential unit battery tools that all have worked nice on behalf of me. One factor of interest I will add. After reading all of the glowing reviews, i used to be expecting to be fully blown away by the standard of this product.

    Maybe mine was created on a Monday morning. coming up with on exchanging unit for an additional one. Gregorian calendar month three update- replacement unit arrived nowadays. Holds pressure well, accuracy of each gauges is dead on. Still full of the leaky fittings issue, that I self-addressed a similar means because the original unit.

    Imagine my surprise after I discovered each hose fittings were slowly leaky air once hooked up to a hose and pressurised (leaking from the joint between the male hose coupling and feminine receiving finish of the fitting). The high flow regulator and couplers maximize air tool performance, and a protracted life oil free pump for maintenance free operation.

    He aforementioned it might not hurt it to try and do the break in procedure, however it absolutely was undoubtedly not necessary. I've had a couple of air compressors over the years and used them for automobile repairs, piece of furniture building, upholstery, home comes, etc. The Dewalt half-dozen gal a hundred sixty five psi compressor may be a well-built, top quality, machine that may fulfill nearly needing for the house owner or contractor doing smaller comes. I'm still affected, however aloof from blown away.

    Mine have fewer however larger ball bearings, permit no free play, and hold the hose fitting terribly tightly.

    Rather than surfing the the trouble of exchanging, shipping back, looking forward to a replacement, etc., I merely replaced each fittings with higher ones, that resolved the matter. watch this DEWALT 6-Gallon Pancake Compressor video on youtube. This unit offers a soft seventy five.5 dBA background level for a quiet work setting. A console cowl protects controls and is removable to permit straightforward repair.

    It has a convenient wire wrap for simple storage, and its thirty pound weight makes it quite straightforward to carry/store. Please ensure that the drain valve is absolutely closed before victimization the mechanical device. Like all DeWalt merchandise, this one gave the impression to be engineered and higher than the competition. I've had numerous little compressors and that they square measure sometimes louder than the 80db rating they get, that top pitch quite noise that's laborious to speak over. hear youtube reviews of the many compressors and you may grasp what I mean.

    Plus, testing with completely different nailers, it performed well. Actually, I might see a contractor victimization this mechanical device within the field once they would like the mechanical device to be nearer and smaller.

    It has protecting rubber leg covers to forestall marring. When victimization this mechanical device with the gauge, it maintained consistent inflation pressure for quite jiffy before kicking on. I'm glad a spent a couple of additional usd. I got what I required and it works well. keep in mind to calibrate your compressor!

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