• Husqvarna conductor leaf blowers permit you to decide on the design and options that suit your desires best. Go here to watch this amazing video and have fun. Our 356T backpack blower is specially designed to emit low noise, enabling you to figure without worrying in residential areas.

    After investment $150 during this blower i'd hate for it to fail once many months of use. I will do the repairs myself no downside, the matter is getting the elements for this issue. A lot of reviews say it looses power once many months of use.

    This unit did okay. the sole issue to notice is that this unit terribly|is extremely|is incredibly} loud at full throttle! i might bet all gas-powered leaf blowers are very loud however do yourself a favor and order a combine of earplugs to travel with it. After I bought this I checked the Husqvarna web site and that i conjointly checked the native repair retailers WOW! No downside beginning even once lying dormant throughout the winter. My solely beef is for a left-handed person, this issue will get a touch annoying: Since the means it's designed is to suck air from the proper facet, after I hold it on my manus and have it a touch nearer to my body, it pulls my garments.

    Husqvarna’s X-TORQ engine technology on gas blower models scale back harmful exhaust emissions by up to seventy five and will increase fuel potency by up to twenty. Don’t do it! Don’t obtain it! you may solely get some months of use before this issue has one downside once another! Starts simple, runs okay once it warms up. (Mine takes sixty seconds close to to heat up.) I cope with plenty of leaves every fall.

    I have had two of those currently and that i thought the primary one was simply a lemon, but no! These are super temperamental and no home-owner has to repair a tool each few uses. Learn from my mistakes!

    The load-reducing harness makes your Husqvarna backpack blower comfy and simple to use by reducing the strain on your back. From hand-held to backpack, to tube mount or frame mount throttles, we provide solutions to form your robust tasks easier and a lot of economical. Then you wish to tug the starter twine many times this may transport the fuel from the carb to the compression chamber, once all this has been done it ought to begin.

    Today is August 17\2018 I took it out of the box and fueled it up and ran it for five minutes it worked nice, i favor this blower. This issue may be a piece of crap! While they weigh quite hand-held units, engineering science harnesses unfold the load to scale back fatigue and strain on your back, arms, and hands. • Backpack leaf blowers offer the additional power and speed required to clear leaves, sand, gravel, and different dust from larger land areas.

    Some hand-held blowers are vacuum capable, permitting you to gather dust. Part of the matter is you have got to pump the ball till you're feeling the gas enter the ball then you begin reckoning I pumped up it fifteen times, the mechanical device float bowl needs to refill initial before it will enter the cylinder. Protecting the world is our mutual interest and concern.

    Battery powered models manufacture no emissions and do not need cash spent on gas. That’s smart for the world and your notecase. That’s smart for the world and your notecase. hand-held leaf blowers are usually lighter in weight and supply the simplest manoeuvrability in tight areas.

    Ergonomic style is very important for associateyone operating with a blower for an extended amount. Our Low Vib technology provides effective anti-vibration dampeners that absorb vibration, minimizing the strain on your arms and hands.

    Our adjustable handles minimize wearying vibration and might be angulate on most of our backpack blowers for max comfort. The a hundred twenty five BVX gas blower not solely blows dust however is additionally vacuum capable to gather dust.

    Carb problems, won’t begin, won’t idle, Bogs down, stalls once heat up, the list goes on and on. They are ideal for light-duty yard comes like processing out flowerbeds and removing grass clippings from sidewalks, driveways and smaller lawns.

    The 436LiB battery conductor leaf blower is powerful however light-weight and quiet. better of all, it's conductor, supplying you with most quality. It uses the identical reversible battery as different battery series hand-held product.

    Husqvarna’s X-TORQ engine technology reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to seventy five and will increase fuel potency by up to twenty on gas blowers. watch this Husqvarna 125B 2 Cycle Leaf Blower video on youtube. Professional landscapers enjoy our Air Injection centrifugal air improvement system that reduces wear and extends the operative time between filter cleanings.

    Low Vib technology provides effective anti-vibration dampeners that absorb vibration, minimizing the strain on your arms and hands. I ought to have checked them initial. well, i am hoping that they're wrong, i favor this issue i am hoping for the simplest.

    More than enough power to blow leaves, even wet ones. Had it for a touch quite one year. You will be replacement elements hoping to mend it, however another can arise quickly. i've got continually used fermentation alcohol free fuel and manufactory elements, however, this issue can still perpetually need way more repair time than any blower is price.

    Our leaf blowers are all ergonomically designed to scale back fatigue and strain on your body. DONT obtain THIS!!!! There is no danger, simply annoying to own my jacket projected to that and having to tug it away on every occasion.

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  • The BLACK+DECKER LSW36 40V Li particle Sweeper has associate economical style that simply clears detritus from laborious surfaces like patios, decks, walkways, driveways and garages. Go here to watch this amazing video and have fun. Its soft grip handle provides another comfort throughout use.

    First of all I even have several sycamore trees additionally as redwoods and liquid ambers dropping leaves onto the bottom that's planted with Algerian Hedera helix. So, having aforementioned that, this is often a sweeper not a full on leaf blower. I had to regulate my conception of what it's purpose and capabilities area unit so as to stay it.

    The next model although ought to take higher advantage of the Li particle battery capability. The older model did not vibrate abundant in the least. The newer model by comparison appears to own associate unreasonable quantity of vibration felt through the handle as if the vibrations weren't thought of abundant within the style.

    Power Command controls speed most|for max|for optimum} run-time or maximum power. Blow tube with integral hand tool permits users to loosen matted leaves and stuck-on detritus Soft grip handle; light-weight at simply four.7 pounds So I did the most effective I may victimization my hands to calm down the stubborn ones as I blew the leaves and it did the duty fairly well with my manual facilitate. i'll use my twilled blower for this job within the future.

    much longer battery life and slightly additional power and flowing than older 18V B&D sweeper (NS118); variable power; cons are not therefore unhealthy when some uses Overall, i like to recommend this sweeper although it might be far better if it merely maintained the previous style of the 18V NS118 as was finished the trimmer and hedge clippers (see pictures).

    This means that after charged, a Li battery is often able to use. The enclosed Energy Star-rated quick charger absolutely recharges the battery in regarding one hour. It's steam-powered by Black & Decker's high-powered 40-volt Li battery system, that offers power, wonderful runtime, and therefore the skillfulness to share batteries with different tools inside the system. chose this sweeper as a result of I didn't desire a twine dragging around on behalf of me to trip over nor did i would like a gas blower to alter.

    I tried to blow these leaves into a pile however there simply is not enough power to chase the leaves out and round the tangle of Hedera helix. Nominal voltage is thirty six Ideal for processing detritus from laborious surfaces like patios, decks, walkways, driveways and garages What's within the Box It's rated at sixty six dBA.

    Low Noise Levels The Sweeper's motor greatly reduces the roar that is common with fuel blowers to safeguard your hearing and reducing sound pollution. This should mean the long battery life may be sacrificed somewhat for additional power and flowing which might be useful to end the duty quicker. Powerful 40-volt Li particle reversible battery delivers the ability with long run-time to complete the toughest jobs

    Maximum initial battery voltage (measured while not a workload) is 40V. The blow tube contains a integral hand tool that permits the Sweeper to loosen matted leaves and stuck-on detritus. light-weight for snug, All-Day Use

    LSW36 conductor Sweeper; LBX36 40-volt lithium-ion battery; LCS36 40-volt quick charger; blow tube; instructions

    Lithium batteries have a extended lifecycle than different sorts, and that they conjointly hold their charge longer once started out the charger. Its blow tube with integral hand tool permits users to loosen matted leaves and stuck-on detritus.

    This Item can move grass, dust, wood and dry leaves from laborious surfaces virtually till the battery dies. As way as moving leaves from grassy surfaces i believe it is a stretch. Weighing in at simply four.7 pounds, this blower is lightweight enough for anyone to use for extended periods. And it options a cushty soft grip handle that is giant enough to be used with gloves.

    It options Power Command controls for adjusting speed most|for max|for optimum} run-time or maximum power.

    Clears every kind of detritus Ideal for laborious surfaces like patios, decks, walkways, driveways, and garages, the Sweeper has associate economical style and a 120-mph air speed to form fast work of detritus. watch this Black & Decker LSW36 video on youtube. Power up your yard cleanup with the conductor Black & Decker 40-volt Li Sweeper (model LSW36), that eliminates the load, noise and hassles of gas-powered instrumentality.

    Black & Decker's 40-volt lithium-ion system offers varied advantages over older battery technologies and gas choices, notably the flexibility to place additional power into alittle and compact battery. Right now i do not even would like [*fr1] the battery capability to try and do my sweeping job and that i have a bigger walkway frontage and road than most residential area homes.

    The main con is that the noise and vibrations. The noise is louder overall with a high-pitched whine compared to the older model that had a deeper and quieter sounding motor and fan. If the leaves area unit lightweight and dry like from a basswood maybe affirmative if they're like Oak or Maple leaves, less probably and if they're wet dump it.

    The Li Advantage The "cons" area unit largely because of the new style wherever the intake is affected from all-time low with a horizontal fan/motor to the facet with a vertical fan/motor. The noise and vibrations create this sweeper appear cheaply created like B&D was making an attempt to save lots of some bucks. i'd have lief spent $20 additional for a quieter sweeper with less vibrations particularly considering I unbroken my previous blower for eight years (and it still works fine).

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  • The WORX WG546 rotary engine 20-Volt conductor Blower/Sweeper options a two-speed control operation that permits for lightweight duty improvement to full leaf removal on any form of surface. Go here to watch this amazing video and have fun. The Powerful 20V Georgia home boy metallic element light-weight conductor blower with rotary engine technology delivers up to 340cfm of air speed.

    I told him how upset I was and rather than try to fix the situation - I was given the following condescending canned response: What is a lot of frustrating is that I emailed WORX client support and was told by Nathaniel H. (a complete Ambassador) that my battery life was traditional and that i might obtain a further categorical charger for $50.

    It is extraordinarily light-weight and blows a giant punch even on low that makes the battery life longer. I bought the model with 2 batteries thus I will do all directly. This machine is well definitely worth the cash and that i suggest it highly! Thanks WORX! Nice product. If your primary use is to maneuver one thing around on gravel, rock, or grass i feel you wish a lot of power. it's lightweight weight, straightforward to use, and far quieter than my previous blower. nice very little leaf blower.

    I'm happy I bought a second battery for it thus I perpetually have one for duplicate once required. f I might provide this product zero stars i might.

    When I received the Worx blower, I saw that it's abundant Larger than my others. it's lighter in weight than another, however it's power with the battery hooked up is a minimum of triple of the direct electrical. Lightweight and engineering one-hand operation

    High speed is okay for pave and works OK for obtaining leaves off gravel. this might extremely use another speed to create it a five star product. Plan on obtaining a rough blower/vacuum/mulcher to require care of back yard. WG456 is ideal for what it's created for smaller pave processing. I’ve been searching for a light-weight blower for my back and front areas that don’t want my husband’s massive gas blower. Get another battery or 2 if you discover out that one battery doesn't meet your desires.

    Recommend mistreatment low speed unless processing wet leaves since high setting can use battery up inside ten - fifteen min. Last twenty min on lower setting. Been mistreatment virtually daily for many months. Battery takes four - five hours to charge. We have Brobdingnagian oak trees and each day it’s one thing...acorns, leaves, etc. Not solely did this baby do all that, it unbroken going on behalf of me to detach my long route and sod.

    Low speed works nice for an inside space just like the garage to urge corners and permit controlled movement. My neighbor has the complete issue. I've watched him blow out the gutters. i will order the attachments next fall.

    I like to stay my porch and front route freed from scrap.

    I have many electrical high-powered blowers that I even have accumulated over the years. This takes the work removed from that significant, loud gas blower and puts it into a light-weight weight quiet tool that just about anyone will use.

    It's lightweight enough to be comfy and simple to use. it is not super powerful, however over enough to clear leaves off the route and sidewalks. to create it even higher, I even have A battery which will be shared with four of my Worx power tools, that saves a bunch. Bet I ne'er rake another leaf. this can be my second WORX tool. it's nice aforesaid by somebody amazing for clearing off walkways and route. robust enough to blow wet pile leaves on high.

    Frankly i am sorry that I did not. It opens doors to far more comes.

    I am astonied at however robust this can be. I did not obtain the attachments. watch this Worx WG546 Cordless Leaf Blower video on youtube. High capability air volume with rotary engine fan technology (340 CFM) Two-speed style to tackle any job.Charging Time:5 Hours

    Please refer the User Manual before use. Thank you for your email and for taking the time to share your feedback. We appreciate hearing from our customers and your feedback allows us to continue to provide the best products available and the best customer service possible. Was tired of trying to start my large, heavy gas blower. I would say this is 80% as powerful, but SO much lighter and SO much easier to use. It’s actually more powerful than I thought. Low speed is great for sweeping grass and light leaves off my walks and mulch. High power was able to move wet leaves and heave amounts of leaves fairly well. Definitely buy one with two batteries (or use one from another Worx tool like I did). Battery life is about 8-10 minutes on high and 15-20 minutes on low. Would absolutely buy again.

    Since they take 4-5 hours to totally charge I had to complete the work with a rake. This was terribly frustrating. I really dig the convenience of this blower, and the way abundant quieter it's than e.g. my massive ass gas backpack blower!

    Hyper-stream air nozzle for additional robust conditions straightforward tool free assembly. Each battery solely lasts 12-14 minutes and, then, takes hours to charge. I even have a awfully tiny yard and was solely able to blow the leaves in my back yard before each batteries ran dry. I already spent $120 on the blower. This was not only infuriating but insulting.

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  • DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V liquid ecstasy metal particle XR Brushless Blower (5.0 Ah) uses associate innovative axial fan style that maximizes on air output and run time. Go here to watch this amazing video and have fun. The variable speed trigger and speed lock provide the user most management of the blower, with performance up to four hundred cuboidal feet per minute of air volume providing and ninety MPH of air speed.

    Brushless motors ROCK! I haven't run the battery all the method down nonetheless - however I blew for most likely twenty five minutes yesterday and therefore the battery was still going sturdy after I stopped.

    DeWALT's brushless liquid ecstasy line of conductor tools area unit the simplest things ever for the house handyman! The large blow tube is good, as a result of it puts out an oversized wide column of air at a liquid ecstasy of ninety MPH - that is lots unless i am processing off immense quantities of fallen leaves within the spring or fall that need the large Stihl backpack blower.

    To start the DeWalt, simply squeeze. I regular each blowers at full doable speed and what I choose to be comparable outputs. They are very fantastic. This blower could be a smart overall price once purchased with the five.0 battery and charger, same by somebody.

    I researched all of the DeWALT conductor blowers, and this one looked as if it would suit our wants the simplest. It's considerably more cost-effective than the 40V or the new 60V FlexVolt blower - and if the job's very massive I prison-breaking my raincoat pater Stihl backpack 340 blower.

    Background: i am a typical residential area home owner. i have been through a spread of 18v/36v/40v Black & Decker, and additional recently, Greenworks 40v outside tools. Brushless Motor maximising motor potency and sturdiness Innovative axial fan style that maximizes on air output and run time This blower comes with a 5A battery that's the precise same external size because the 4A ones, and it's own charger.

    I think the blower is powerful enough for traditional owners however I do hope they are available out with a smaller tube to extend the speed, same by somebody. I even have a lot of 20v Dewalt tools. Here's a real-world battery take a look at. The DeWalt, on the opposite hand, features a giant tube all the answer and therefore the output covers a way larger space. One issue i actually see once scrutiny the 2 is that the Greenworks features a long necked-down tube with the statement "185 MPH" on that... what they fail to say is that the CFM that most likely is not that nice.

    The DeWalt performs equally but, whereas being smaller with a lighter/smaller tool battery... in truth it outlasted the Greenworks (see below). I have eight 4A batteries and a pair of 2A ones that came wth the varied tools, and every battery has its own charger - therefore I ne'er have a dead battery drawback. One issue i actually liked on the DeWalt is that the instant-on trigger versus the Greenworks.

    To start the Greenworks you've got to push the facility button, push the turbo button (to get full power), THEN dial up a speed on the wheel (there's not a trigger). My current champion of processing is that the Greenworks brushless 40v blower.

    They each have similar overall output/usefulness, and each have roughly identical sound level... the Greenworks has additional of a "classic" blower sound, whereas the DeWalt, with its' turbine/jet vogue setup, has additional of a high pitched abuzz sound.

    Lightweight and engineering science style maximizes management and minimizes stress on your arm Includes 20V liquid ecstasy five.0Ah metal particle Battery, beside charger This blower options a light-weight and engineering science style (7.1 lbs.), beside low noise performance (61 dB).

    DeWalt blower on full throttle, Greenworks on full, and "turbo" button engaged same by some one. The Greenworks is full featured with a tube and bagger that lets it mulch leaves, and features a completely immense 40v 4ah battery on that.

    I was terribly affected with this blower.

    As of on after I got this blower, my outside tool rack and charging space (along with a power saw and mower), is unquestionably inexperienced themed. watch this DEWALT DCBL720P1 Review video on youtube. Includes: DCBL720 Blower, 20V liquid ecstasy 5Ah metal particle Battery, Charger.

    Variable trigger and speed lock. I use my assortment all the time, and that i love having a standard battery that may add all of them.

    I REALLY just like the speed management on this blower... terribly sensitive, and that i like having the ability to merely squeeze the trigger a bit to blow rubbish off from sensitive areas like flower beds, etc. while not processing the dirt everyplace with an excessive amount of air. I have eight DeWALT twenty V liquid ecstasy tools, and simply purchased this blower... so 9 now.

    400 CFM and ninety MPH performance I love having a conductor blower therefore I will range around our property with hassling with a twine. I additionally love the stand that enables Pine Tree State to line the blower down and have it upright and prepared to choose up once more, same by somebody.

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  • Baby gates ought to create life easier, not harder. Go here to watch this amazing video and have fun. The Easy shut Safety Gate by Munchkin comes totally assembled therefore it's able to install right out of the easy-to-open package and options a straightforward protection mechanism, no trivial needed.

     You'd got to prop it open somehow or tie it off with string to stay it from move on it's own. Tension mounted on the highest of the steps works well and i am paranoid concerning safety. Convenient one step to open and shut the gate. If you wish to stay the gate open additional full time (e.g. party, carrying things between rooms multiple times, etc) this might not be the gate for you.

     No ought to shut this gate, it'll swing closed behind you mechanically. My five year previous will slide the howeverton but is not tall enough or robust enough to try and do it whereas lifting the gate and possibly will not be able to to till he is taller.)

    (If you've got associate older kid United Nations agency will open the gate then they'll conjointly ought to check that to shut it behind them or it's going to simply keep open). Weight, vogue and overall bulk of each gates area unit similar. Works well tension mounted on the highest of the steps. 

    I have used the "KidCo Y-Spindles" for prime of support bannisters on one facet and a wall on the opposite and it works even as well tension mounted. To open the Auto-Close gate, your thumb slides a button on prime of the gate, and in contrast to the easy-close gate, you want to raise the complete door up and over atiny low plastic stopper on rock bottom of the gate so as for it to open.

    Safety Warning: don't use this gate at prime or bottom of stairs while not exploitation all four wall cups. for max safety, use four wall cups with sticky pads and screws provided once putting in the gate all told locations. Ideal to be used in doorways, stairways, and halls, this easy-to-use kid gate stands twenty nine.5" tall and adjusts from twenty nine.5" to 37.8" wide. The auto-close feature is nice for those of you United Nations agency area unit involved that you simply might forget to shut the gate behind you. conjointly comes with hardware mounting if you wish.

     The auto-close gate won't keep open. My five year previous will open the Easy-Close gate therefore it really is pretty "easy". Very simple to open.

    To OPEN the Easy-Close gate, your thumb pushes the highest button and therefore the alternative fingers squeeze. The Easy-Close gate is far quieter on its own however this one are often if you concentrate thereto.  Even if you swing it closed it doesn't click into the totally bolted position while not you compressing the handle and setting it into place once more.

    This gate can keep wide open in no matter position you allow it that is nice if you wish it to (e.g. grandparent's house once the youngsters are not around full-time , once you have a celebration, etc). Dual-locking mechanism permits door to swing in each directions Pressure-fit baby gate with hardware enclosed for supplemental safety

    To CLOSE the gate you want to do the precise same factor as once you open it as an alternative the gate can recover open.

    This is not a defect. The gap can shut once gate is correctly put in. To close the gate, merely unharness the handle with a firm push and therefore the gate can lock shut.

    I was involved concerning not hardware mounting this, particularly at the highest of the steps however the stress is robust and each my husband and that i will kick and pull the gate and it does not budge. Includes (1) totally assembled silver bronze simple shut Safety Gate with (2) a pair of.75" extensions to suit openings up to thirty seven.8"; extra extensions area unit offered for purchase on Amazon

    Measure your required gap before purchase to make sure a correct work. simple to use; merely push gate to shut and lock

    Measures: twenty nine.5" tall and twenty nine.5" - 37.8" wide with the enclosed (2) a pair of.75" extensions (fits up to 54" wide with if extra extensions area unit purchased). watch this Close Metal Baby Gate video on youtube. There are 2 bottom locks to permit larger management over however the gate opens, for higher peace of mind.

    Suitable for youngsters half-dozen to twenty four months. Installation Note: This gate ships with a spot between the gate frame and therefore the handles. When it slams shut it will create a loud bang noise however you'll avoid this if you do not slam it or stop it simply before it hits and shut it quietly yourself.

    I will simply raise the gate with a baby ora load of laundry in my arms on the highest of the steps with none hassle (I'm solely 5'0'). The gate conjointly includes hardware for mounting if you wish to.

    The enclosed 2 a pair of.75" extensions area unit pre-assembled for easier installation. extra extensions are often purchased to suit openings up to 54". This is comparatively simple to try and do and does not need abundant strength and more difficult for youths to maneuver. If you wish a gate that may keep each your massive and tiny ones from browsing then this may be a better/longer lasting selection for you than the Easy-Close gate.


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